Euro Millions


EuroMillions Lottery Operating from 2004, the Euro-Millions Lottery is one of the biggest lottery draws in the world, both in terms of number of participants and jackpots. It operates in 9 European countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. The draw is held in Paris every Friday night.

Who Can Play

Players must be 18 or older Must be residents of the participating countries Residents from other countries can buy tickets from agent websites

How to play

The player chooses two types of numbers: Regular numbers: needs to choose 5 from a 1-50 range Lucky Star numbers: needs to choose 2 from a 1-9 range The draw is performed in two separate machines, one for the 5 regular numbers and one for the 2 lucky star numbers.

Prices (per line)

Standard ticket: €2.00
UK ticket (includes the millionaire raffle): £2.00
The “Plus” option (In Ireland and Portugal): €3.00

Size of the Jackpot

Size of the Jackpot for the Euromillion is determined by the number of tickets sold for a given draw. The more tickets are sold, the bigger the jackpot. Every week with no jackpot winners increases the size of the jackpot.

Winning a Prize

A player can win a prize in the EuroMillions by getting one of 12 combinations of regular-lucky star numbers. Accordingly, every player has a chance of 1-24 for winning prize money in the EuroMillions. In the table below you will find the 12 regular-lucky star combinations and odds for getting them.

Combinations Odds
Regular number Lucky star number
5 2 1-76,275,360
5 1 1-5,448,240
5 0 1-3,632,160
4 2 1-339,002
4 1 1-24,214
4 0 1-16,143
3 2 1-7,705
3 1 1-550
3 0 1-538
2 2 1-367
2 1 1-102
1 2 1-38

Biggest Jackpots Stories

November 2009 – the biggest prize in the UK history. The jackpot prize in the amount of £91, was shared by two winners.
May 2009 - the biggest prize ever paid in Europe to an individual winner went to a 25 year old Spanish woman was the only winner of the €126M Euromillions jackpot.
February 2007 – the biggest win in Belgium. A Belgian man was the only winner of the €100M jackpot.